Antenne Luxembourg

Ariane Guignard
Luxembourg-ville (Luxembourg)

Specialization: Finance, Accounting, Internal Control

Double-diploma: Diploma in Business studies (Diplomkauffrau) at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg and diploma of the IECS/EM Strasbourg Management School

Other qualifications: Luxembourg Réviseur d’entreprises

Experience:  14 years of experience in the financial sector

After graduating from EM Strasbourg in 2000, I joined one of the big 4 audit firms in Luxembourg. Over the years, I specialized in audits of investment funds, also involved in the internal Anti-Money Laundering/Know your Customer taskforce, training and recruitment activities. 11 years later, I chose to join the Luxembourg financial sector supervisory authority, where I now lead a division within the department responsible for the supervision of management companies.






Dariusz Dzugala
Luxembourg-ville (Luxembourg)